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Conference Speakers & Topics:

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Closing Keynote

Sheli Gartman has been inspiring and educating people for the past 15 years. She believes everyone is born with a purpose, and she is driven to help people move past the obstacles that get in the way so they can find that purpose. Everyone deserves to create a significant impact! Sheli has found that collaboration, education and inspiration are three major keys to unlocking the superpowers to your most successful life.

Keynote:  Growing our Emotional Intelligence

Research has revealed that "emotional intelligence" (EQ) is a better indicator for success than IQ or even past experience! Since EQ is learnable, it only makes sense that parents learn it, apply it, and model it for their kids. Much of what has been written about EQ focuses on anger and constraint, but in this powerful presentation, you'll learn a broader, more practical approach that you can start using immediately!

Exploding the Myths of Motivation:

If you've ever wondered why your children aren't interested in their schoolwork, or you can't seem to get them motivated for anything, this session is for you. This session looks at the nine different types of intellect identified by Harvard professor Howard Gardner, how to determine which ones your children have, and gives you proven tips for connecting with your children in ways that they listen and WANT to be engaged. 



Kirsten Holmberg is a compelling speaker and storyteller who inspires audiences to help them overcome the challenges they face every day. She equips and instructs, and leaves listeners with the motivation to live differently because of what they’ve learned. She’s a wife, mother to three, and a recovering multi-tasker. Her straight-forward, down-to-earth style has resonated with audiences since 1999. She is also the co-founder of LIFT, an event designed to help women live inspired, fearless, thriving lives. 



Chris Graham's passion is helping people discover happier, healthier, and more effective lives.  His desire is to see people grow, and through his private counseling practice, he knows that small, positive changes mean bigger changes are within reach. Chris has extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), and he maintains a private practice in Meridian. As a National Certified Counselor, Chris works with individuals, couples, and families in dealing with various personal and relationship stressors.


Candy Troutman is an inspirational speaker with a mentor’s heart and a speaker’s passion. The experiences of childhood poverty, abuse and neglect caused her to grow up quickly, but along the way she was able to move toward joy. As a result, Candy is a moment-catcher who believes the best form of communication is a bright smile. Candy is known as a “truthful encourager,” a trait she has brought to business, ministries, and the mentoring she does with teens and senior adults. 


Jeralynne Bobinski is a certified behavioral analyst and has been active in the homeschooling community for 10 years. In addition to advising parents in curriculum choices, she also leads a speech and debate club for homeschooled Christian teens, for which she has developed curriculum for teaching Worldview as well as Apologetics. Jeralynne is an active parent in both 4-H and American Heritage Girls, and she is also co-author of the award-winning book, "Become a Student of Your Students." 


Jon Strain is the Area Director for Search Boise and the father of four grown boys. As an 18-year old college student, Jon began thinking about authentic masculinity. He became attentive to resources to help him clarify the kind of life, marriage and family he wanted. Coming from a broken home, “rubble” littered his relational landscape, so he intentionally explored how to treat women, view work, handle money and multiply God's influence in his life. Jon's presentations are fun, open, and friendly, yet serious-minded.


Raini Bowles is a life coach, professional speaker and freelance writer living in Boise, Idaho. In the past 25 years, Raini has spoke to groups of all shapes and sizes about how to weather the storms that roll through everyone's life - having learned how to weather them herself. Raini's passion and enthusiasm is contagious, and she weaves life stories into each presentation in real and relevant ways. As a life coach, Raini works with teams and groups as well as individuals to reach their goals.


Genny Heikka has inspired audiences large and small with her authentic, engaging, and relatable style for over 17 years. She has served in a variety of leadership and mentoring roles within corporate, non-profit and ministry organizations, but her passion is helping women move forward in their lives and careers. In addition to be interviewed on radio and TV, Genny is the author of seven books, and her articles have appeared in multiple publications. She's also a co-founder of LIFT, helping women live more inspried, fearless, and thriving lives. 


Kim Peake says that "Family is the best thing," and also her "favorite thing." Whenever she speaks and writes, she strives for two things: lots of laughter and to encourage people to live life to the full. In between raising three children in a busy home, Kim also helped start the Idaho Coalition for Justice, a non-profit that brings awareness, advocacy, and action to help fight and end human trafficking. But even with all this and working full time, she still stays active with her family, "The Peake Pack."  


Conference Speakers & Topics:


Jennifer Quinn, popularly known as JennyQ, has raised five children, including a set of twins. She has experienced motherhood as a stay-at-home mom, a single mom, and a working mom. Currently a live-streaming host and author who has conducted over 300 on-air live interviews, Jennifer maintains a passion for children and supporting new moms as they begin the greatest and most challenging journey of their lives. Her book, “Not Your Ordinary Parenting Book: 101 tricks that take the guesswork out of parenting,” was co-authored with her twin daughters. 

Sheli Gartman
Bringing Out the Superpowers in Every Child
Daniel Bobinski
Growing Your
Emotional Intelligence
Kirsten Holmberg
Speaking on
Fostering a growth mindset in your kids
Chris J. Graham
Speaking on
Balancing technology in the family
Candy Troutman
Speaking on
Leaving a legacy that outlives you
Jeralynne Bobinski
Speaking on
Establishing your family's worldview
Jon Strain
Speaking on
Preparing boys to become men
Rani Bowles
Speaking on
How to talk with your children about sex
Genny Heikka
Speaking on
Finding mommy bliss -and-
Benefits of gratitude
Kim Peake
Speaking on
Navigating the phases of parenting
Jennifer Quinn 'JennyQ'
Speaking on
Parenting a newborn - 10 tips to make it easier!
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Opening Keynote

Daniel Bobinski has been traveling internationally  as an executive coach and trainer for 28 years. His work in the business world parallels his work with parents: Helping people learn Emotional Intelligence so they can play better together. Daniel is also a prolific writer with regular columns in numerous magazines, plus best-selling and award-winning books. He's also been interviewed for Fox News, CNN Money, and ESPN. As a homeschooling dad, Daniel is also a strong advocate for homeschooling. 

Keynote:  Bringing out the Superpowers in Every Child 

So many parents, teachers and mentors are stunned at the rate our culture has changed. We fear that we won't be able to understand, communicate with or support the other generations around us at home, and at work too. Learn how to simplify your approach, and empower children --and all people-- of every age!


Parenting Based on Your Strengths
It's easy to project our beliefs, strengths and goals onto our children. And yet, our children are unique, desiring to be nurtured and raised up to find their own path. How do we honor our own strengths while bringing out our kids’ unique strengths, nurturing what they bring to the world? In this experiential workshop, we will explore these ideas and leave you feeling more empowered to ignite and honor the superpowers in your kids.

Balancing Technology in the Family 
Technology helps families connect, plan and organize their lives. At the same time, smartphones, tablets, laptops and gaming systems can create family misunderstandings, frustrations, and ultimately division. In this session we’ll look at key areas of technology frustration, then explore ways to create reasonable, healthy conversations about technology, and also learn key tools & techniques for managing and enjoying technology as a family.

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Your Kids
Our mindset governs our self-concept, shaping our work and relationships—including the way we raise our children. As parents, our mindset has a powerful affect on the way our children view themselves. Learn how to foster your own growth mindset so that it empowers children to cope with failure, understand their place in the world, and develop a healthy work ethic. 

Leaving a Legacy that Outlives You 
In ancient times, people sometimes piled stones into a monument as a reminder about something they wanted future generations to remember. Good news: We have better technology today, and since your life will be a compelling story for your future generations, let's make it inspiring and intentional. In this session you’ll learn what a legacy looks like, along with some practical ideas for how you can leave a strong legacy for your family.

Establishing Your Family's Worldview 
Everything we think and do is first filtered through our worldview beliefs. As parents, part of our job is to raise our children with a set of values and principles, and that is much easier to do when we know the 10 facets that comprise a worldview. This eye-opening and informative session gives you both the framework and the various options you can choose! 

Preparing Boys to Become Men 
This session will equip parents with tools to be intentional on three fronts: 1) codify their own biblical and practical man-definition; 2) employ soul-notching ceremony in pivotal seasons, and 3) clarify the division of labor (God’s part, parent’s part and child’s part) in the process of releasing children into their life target. We'll also cover the value of making weighty deposits in our boys' day-to-day lives.

Talking with Your Children About Sex 
Talking about sex isn't a comfortable thing, and talking about it with our kids can be terrifying. Where do we start? How much do we tell, and when? What if they ask questions we are not comfortable answering? This session – for parents of kids of all ages – is a candid, open, honest look at this delicate topic, including preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Teen Dating Violence.

How Gratitude Can Transform Your Family

Having an attitude of gratitude isn’t always easy, but gratefulness is the key to a truly happy home. It can help you parent better, beat stress, strengthen your marriage, and lead a happier, healthier life. In this session, you'll learn five tips that will help you transform your family with gratitude, and you'll learn practical things you can do to raise thankful (not entitled) kids. After all, a little thanks really does go a long way!

Finding Parenting Bliss

Has stress stifled your joy and stolen your energy? Parenting is not about having it all together, being perfect, or having the best kids. In reality, parenting can be chaotic, stressful, and complicated -- with self-doubt, frustration, plenty of uncertainty, and sometimes fear. But there's also laughter and love … and, yes, even bliss. Be encouraged, inspired, and learn practical ways to overcome obstacles to find more joy - even when it’s hiding under mountains of laundry! ! 

Navigating the Phases of Parenting 
As children grow, they rely less on your preferences and more on their own. As such, parents need different strategies for 3-year-olds than they do 15-year-olds.  In this session we'll identify areas of responsibility to turn over as children become ready, whether toddlers or teens, and tips for how to do it. You'll also learn how to help your children develop convictions and ownership as they go.

Parenting Newborns: 10 Tips to Make it Easier 
New babies force you to ask so many questions: "Am I doing this right?" "What does that sound mean?" "Am I ever going to get sleep again?" Whether you are expecting for the first time or already have a few little ones, you’ll come away from this session with 10 tips and tricks that will make your life easier -- and allow you to enjoy your baby even more!  

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Speaking on Preparing boys to become men

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