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Daniel Bobinski - Director

Daniel's passion is helping people remove obstacles to success, and equipping parents to be confident leaders in their homes.


Daniel is a certified behavioral analyst, plus he holds a Bachelor's degree in workforce education & development and a Master's degree in training and development. After growing up in Chicago and then spending 16 years in San Diego (via the US Navy), Daniel made Idaho his home in 1998. He is a prolific writer with five books under his belt and regular columns appearing in several magazines.


Daniel's "day job" is president of Leadership Development, Inc. and Workplace-Excellence.com, where he helps teams improve their Emotional Intelligence. He also helps organizations create training programs that bring maximum impact. 

Jeralynne Bobinski - Director

Jeralynne Bobinski is a certified behavioral analyst and also co-author of the award-winning book, "Become a Student of Your Students." In addition to assisting and advising parents in curriculum choices, she also works with parents in understanding their teaching style, and how those blend with their children's learning styles. 

Jeralynne is also the leader of a speech and debate club for homeschooled Christian teens. In addition to developing Worldview and Apologetics curriculum, she teaches comparative Worldview seminar in a 10-hour format for adults. 

Jeralynne's "day job" is that of a homeschool mom, plus she's heavily involved in 4-H and American Heritage Girls. 

Sean Starratt - Board Member

Sean Starratt has a degree in applied sciences, and he has worked in the tech industry for 24 years. He is currently the supervisor of a team that provides technical support for NASA.  Prior to his current position, Sean worked in the financial and telecom industries. He has also taught computer classes and programming classes.
Sean and his wife have one adult child and one teenager, and they’ve been homeschooling for more than two decades.
Sean has been active in AWANA leadership for nearly 10 years, and he’s also the Troop Shepherd for an American Heritage Girls Troop

April Starratt - Board Member

April Starratt has kept herself busy on many fronts.  She was the founder and principal of a homeschool coop, she’s organized six different Vacation Bible Schools, and she has even led 150 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders on a week-long camping trip. 

Currently April serves as an AWANA commander, and she is also the charter representative for an American Heritage Girls troop, in which she was also a leader for four years. Additionally, April is a leader in 4-H.
In her spare time, April likes to “play in the dirt," as she’s is both an advanced master gardener and a master naturalist.

April and his husband have one adult child and one teenager, and they’ve been homeschooling for more than two decades. 

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